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After visiting over 250 restaurants in the Quebec region, our team unanimously concluded that one establishment offers the best poutine in Quebec. With its crispy fries, melt-in-your-mouth cheese curds, and perfectly balanced sauce, this place has won over our discerning palates. Get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience and discover this establishment that will surely surprise you. Enjoy your poutine!


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Our team, comprised of gastronomy enthusiasts and culinary explorers, embarked on an exciting new mission: to test Quebec’s poutines. Armed with forks, spoons, and insatiable appetites, we embarked on a flavorful journey through the Quebec region. This time, our goal was clear: to uncover the gustatory treasures hidden in the poutine bowls across over 250 restaurants. We devoted our days and nights to savoring this iconic dish, tasting every variation, exploring different combinations of fries, cheese curds, and sauces. Poutine was at the center of our attention, and we evaluated each establishment with particular rigor. The quality of the ingredients, the creativity of the recipes, and the harmony of flavors were the decisive criteria in our deliberations. Every bite was savored, analyzed, and passionately debated. Discover on this page which poutine restaurant emerged victorious and is thus designated as the restaurant offering the best poutine in Quebec!

Drumroll, please... And here it is, the best poutine that has won the 1st place according to our team!

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Le Snack Branché in Quebec City (Neufchâtel)

Their crispy fries, divinely melty cheese curds, and perfectly balanced sauce have conquered our demanding taste buds. Le Snack Branché has mastered the art of Quebecois poutine and offers an unforgettable culinary experience to its customers. We warmly congratulate Le Snack Branché for their remarkable achievement and highly recommend them to all poutine enthusiasts in search of excellence. Visit this restaurant to discover the ultimate poutine, worthy of its reputation as THE best poutine in Quebec!

The Gold Medal for the Poutine of Quebec!

Rating of the Poutine at Le Snack Branché!

Le Snack Branché is…


Quality of the ingredients


Variety of poutines offered


Creativity and originality


Value for money

Invitation to Culinary Excellence: Take the challenge and let us discover your poutine!

We are constantly seeking new culinary experiences and would be delighted to try your poutine to evaluate if it can compete with that of Le Snack Branché. Please contact us to arrange a tasting session with our team. We are eager to explore what your restaurant has to offer and share our feedback with our readers.

Our team embarked on an exciting gastronomic quest to discover the best poutine in Quebec, the holy grail of Quebec cuisine. With insatiable appetites, we ventured through over 250 restaurants in the beautiful region of Quebec, savoring bowls of this delightful Quebec specialty at each stop. Our goal was clear: to find the restaurant that served the best poutine in Quebec. Armed with forks, spoons, and our discerning taste buds, we methodically evaluated each establishment based on rigorous criteria. The quality of the ingredients was paramount – we demanded nothing less than freshly-cut fries, divinely melted cheese curds, and an exquisite sauce. Portion size was also a crucial aspect of our search, as a hearty poutine is a guarantee of satisfaction. Finally, we considered the variety of options offered, as the diversity of choices allows everyone to find their happiness in a bowl of poutine. After countless nights indulging in this Quebec specialty, we finally reached a unanimous decision. Le Snack Branché, located in the vibrant city of Quebec (Neufchâtel), astounded us with their exceptional poutine, living up to its reputation as the best poutine in Quebec. Their crispy golden fries provided the perfect base for the generous pieces of melted cheese curds, with a creamy and flavorful melt. The sauce, a perfect balance of creaminess and spicy flavors, awakened our taste buds with every bite. In terms of portion, Le Snack Branché did not disappoint either, as their bowls were generously filled, ensuring a satisfying experience for all lovers of Quebec poutine. The decision to designate Le Snack Branché as the undisputed champion of the best poutine in Quebec was not taken lightly. Our team spent hours deliberating, discussing, and comparing our taste notes. But ultimately, the culinary excellence of this restaurant won over our discerning palates and convinced us to bestow upon it this prestigious title. So, if you are in search of the best poutine in Quebec, we highly recommend you visit Le Snack Branché. You will be transported by the authentic flavors of this Quebec specialty and understand why our team was unanimous in its designation. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable culinary experience because Le Snack Branché has truly mastered the art of Quebec poutine.
Bon appétit!